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Read your horoscope Cancer

The horoscope says of the sensitive Cancer that (s)he needs a solid base to help him/her function well.
Once this solid base is acquired, he is creative, alert, decisive and energetic. At work as well as at home. His career is then strewn with roses.
However, he should try, at last, to feel a little less personally attacked by the criticism of others. He would then be able to concentrate better on what really matters in life. Now he often feels unhinged for no obvious reason, while the 'sender' only meant what he said or did in a positive and constructive way.
The Cancer has a strong preference for a steady, firm relationship with his partner. Especially on the side of the partner, because the Cancer himzelf sometimes has different ideas about fidelity then others.
In a relationship he enjoys, together with his partner, the beautiful and sensual aspects of life. Eating good food and drinking lovely wine, nice and cosy at home together. To crown it all, a lovely house full of luxurious accessories gives him just as much satisfaction as eroticism, although this may often appear differently to others.

Your horoscope says furthermore:

The Cancer finds his best partners among the Taurus, Pisces and Scorpio. With a Pisces partner there is frequent jubilation between the sheets. This holds true especially for male Cancer with a female Pisces partner.
A major part of the Cancer's life is reserved for guarding his material and domestic certainties. He won't stop at anything to preserve that. With the moon as his dominating planet, he continuously changes his opinions, ideas, etc. One moment his opinion is as sure as fate, the next 'this house' gradually crumbles away, to be standing firmly upright again the next month. In the same way as the moon continually loses and wins a little piece.
Whenever he buys something new, like clothes for example, he prefers high quality, branded articles to cheep stuff of inferior material and standard. He would rather buy one article of good quality than two of inferior quality.

Your horoscope says finally:

A poverty-stricken Cancer is like snow in the Sahara. Many astrologists use this image when talking about Cancer. It is, therefore, advisable not to poke fun at a Cancer's possessions and money. He won't appreciate that. After all, the Cancer yearns after more possessions. Sometimes with a mortgage or loan, but a lot of times without any mortgage or loan.
This does not only hold true for material matters, but most certainly also for his partner. He wants total possession of his partner. Not a small bit, not half, but he wants to have all of him or her, completely.

Feelings of resentment can turn him into a cruel enemy. The love for his mother verges on the extreme. Let no one even mildly harm his mother or talk badly about her: a severe punishment will be his due.
A Cancer hardly ever says what he means in a direct, straightforward way. Usually, he first beats about the bush for a while and then he starts 'walking' towards what he wants to communicate in a zigzag pattern. While he is doing that, not everyone will know what's on his mind.
However, whenever he clasps something or someone with his claws, he will never let go. In a relationship, this can be stifling. On top of this, the Cancer cannot live with a partner who is too independent. The Cancer's claws won't allow this.

Famous Cancer: Nelson Mandela, Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands, Lady Diana, George W. Bush, Pamela Anderson, Tom Cruise, Gina Lollobrigida, Pompidou, Dalai Lama, John D. Rockefeller, Tom Hanks, Giorgio Armani, Harrison Ford, Rembrandt van Rijn and Paul Verhoeven.

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