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valid from 25-05-2020 until 31-05-2020

It seems as if your financial worries 'pop up' ever earlier in the course of the month. You are getting to the bottom of your money box sooner every time. You could save a large amount of money by getting rid of your car, for instance. But this is probably a bit too drastic, too far-reaching for you. A more acceptable alternative could be to pay a little more attention to your day-to-day expenses. Instead of going to the supermarket, you could go to the market, preferably towards the end of the day when fresh, perishable food is often sold for half the price or less.
This way you could save a couple of euros a day which may add up to a nice sum of around € 1000,- a year which you could spend on something else. This is an amount of money most Cancer find worthwhile. It could be a good idea to save your bills for the next few weeks in order to get an idea what exactly you're spending your money on.
You'll probably find your spending habits rather frightening. There is a chance, though, that you'll be getting a salary increase.

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