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valid from 26-10-2020 until 01-11-2020

This week you are able to communicate better than ever what you are think, feeling and intending. Talking with your partner will therefore be more easy-going and relaxed than the past few times. There won't be any clashes.
This will also be an advantage in your dealings with other people. At work it will be easier to work in harmony with your colleagues. During negotiations you'll be able to bring your points of view into the limelight in such a way that the people you are speaking to just can't resist your ideas. You'll be able to achieve things you normally find much more difficult to accomplish.
Don't let yourself be distracted by insignificant, small affairs. Concentrate on what really matters.
You have worked out a couple of excellent plans. Why not show them to those people who can actually do something with these ideas?

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