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valid from 25-05-2020 until 31-05-2020

You have a rather lively sex life Capricorn, but it looks as if you are looking for more, for true love. Be careful not to mix these two up this week, because you'll meet a fantastic Scorpio, Capricorn or Taurus who is more than averagely interested in you, to put it euphemistically.
A Scorpio may be easily put off, however, if the focus is too much on sex (alone). You'll have a rude awakening if you approach him or her 'one-dimensionally'.
The past few months have been rather stressful for you Capricorn. A relationship has been broken off. This is still bothering you, deep down. It may not necessarily have been a love affair. It may well concern a relationship with a member of the family, a friend or even with a lovely cat or dog.
This mourning period will not come to an end before you've gone on a short holiday for at least a week. Then you'll fully enjoy being alive again and you'll cherish every moment, day and night. Including a 'stormy' love affair.
And we promise you, you will be a lucky gambler these coming weeks

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