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valid from 25-05-2020 until 31-05-2020

You should put your mind a little more to the history and the different personalities of your family and especially to your family's past. This will give you some insight into what stuff you yourself are made of. You probably always wished to be different from your parents, but even the genes of the Gemini don't let themselves be manipulated.
This week you may have to work overtime, one evening or maybe on Saturday, because of which you may have to cancel an appointment. This will fall on stony ground with your date. Your colleagues will poke fun at you because of this and you'll react ever so seriously to their innocent teasing. Come on dear Gemini: laughter is good for the soul.
The best day for your love life this week is the Thursday. Why not go out for some shopping in the supermarket? If you repeat this a couple of times before the end of July, you'll get in touch with a very lovely person from the opposite sex.

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