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valid from 03-08-2020 until 09-08-2020

Your power of persuasion is enormous. Other people will therefore agree with you easily. But you now have too much on your plate. A bit of idling about, this week, wouldn't do you any harm, dear Sagittarius!
Don't drink any alcohol this week or at least drastically cut back on the amount you normally drink. Half of your normal portion or less Sagittarius, not a drop more! Display self-discipline in such a way that you are an example to others.
You may give some people around you the impression that you are bored by them. Or you may start a fascinating relationship with someone, making other people ask themselves the question whether you still want to belong to their circle of acquaintances or friends. Your power of persuasion will, once more, make them realize that their conclusions were wrong.
Go out jogging or take a brisk walk in order to clear your head: you have a lot on your mind.

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