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valid from 03-08-2020 until 09-08-2020

You tend to hear things, but not to actually register them. And there is quite a difference between passively and actively taking note of your surroundings, as you know full well dear Scorpio. You look, but you don't see anything. You listen, but you don't hear anything.
Don't eat too much today. If you have problems controlling your weight, you may just as well get rid of every single diet that exists on this planet. From now on, simply don't eat a bite more than half of what is on your plate. Just try this for a while. You'll find out how easy this can be.
If you have been told, since early childhood, that thousands of children in the Third World would be all too happy to eat what's left on your plate and that is now going right into the bin, just realize that these children will not actually receive the food left on your plate, whether you'll eat it all or not.
Realizing this, you could donate something to a charitable cause this week .

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