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valid from 26-10-2020 until 01-11-2020

If one of your friends or acquaintances and you have a difference of opinion, this is the perfect week to come to an understanding. If you wish to make a good impression on someone within your your circle of friends and acquaintances, the same advice holds true: do it this week and you will be succesful.
Continue to be honest and to be the usual, true Scorpio that you are. If you are not true to yourself, the person you want to impress will feel this and then your goal will be more diffecult to reach than ever.
It will be easier for the older Scorpio. With the passing of the years you have become yourself more and more. You have removed the mask of the one you were aiming to be ever more frequently. You no longer have to be the other one. This is one of the advantages of getting older.
You may long to strike up new friendships. Take the time for this this week and grab every opportunity with both hands.

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