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valid from 25-05-2020 until 31-05-2020

This week at work, you'll have to act forcefully against colleagues or subordinates who are messing things up. They just won't do what they were hired out for. It bothers you terribly that they just won't take responsibility for their work while they are being paid for doing the job.
In the private sphere, you still suffer the after pain of a sad event that happened last year. At first, it seemed to make little impression on you. But now, many months later, you realize that your resilience then overstept a limit.
With time, grief will wear out, but you'll never completely get used to it. That is all too apparent this week. This even makes the Taurus feel a little ill at ease.
You'll survive, though, don't worry about that. Don't you always, sooner or later, triumph over difficulties? You are strong enough to get over this.

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