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valid from 30-03-2020 until 05-04-2020

This week you are increasingly interested in a flirtation, especially in the sexual side of it. Could there be hidden tensions behind this?
Hopefully, you have a close and warm relationship with your partner. In this case there is little to worry about. If the relationship with your partner has been turbulent for a while, you may easily have differences of opinion, conflicts almost, and other less pleasant situations.
Because of this, you keep suppressing your sexual desires and feelings. You are unable to release these emotions, because your partner and you don't get down to or just don't take the time to go to bed together.
If you have no sexual relationship at the moment, you may feel attracted to someone in your inner circle of friends and acquaintances. Someone you have known for quite a while.
Do reckon with a possible disillusionment though, if this person does not completely coincide with your idea of the perfect partner!

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