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valid from 25-05-2020 until 31-05-2020

Hello there Virgo, why not show your circle of friends your cooking skills? The coming weekend would be the perfect time to strengthen the ties with your friends. You'll surprise your guests, and even yourself, by your culinary talents.
You seem to be open to a light infatuation with a Gemini or a Capricorn that could even develop into a uncontrollable, passionate love affair, with sparks growing into flames from a flame-thrower.
The people around you won't be able to miss it, so to speak. You believe, though, that you'll be able to put a strong check on your feelings. But your desire will be too strong. You'll take your foot off the brake and even completely neglect the fact that there is such a thing as a brake. You and the one you'll be falling for won't seem to care that everyone knows, sees and criticises, despite the fact that at least in one of your homes there is someone who'll look upon this whole thing with sorrow.
Physically speaking, you'll hardly be able to handle this affair. Mind your health, therefore. And if you're a smoker: stop at once!

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