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Tuesday 21 September 2021
In the course of today you will get more and more self-confidence Capricorn. This will become apparent from the fact that you are less dependent on the opinion of others. Hold on to that feeling, because you will see that feeling intensify in the coming weeks.
For the rest, you will not experience any exciting things today.
Besides, it makes no sense at all to feel or build up guilt for something you think you did last week.

Famous Capricorns:

Mao Ze Dong 26 – 12 , Louis Pasteur 27 – 12 , Denzel Washington 28 – 12 , Tiger Woods 30 – 12 , Henri Matisse 31 – 12 , Simon Wiesenthal 31 – 1 2, John  Ronald Reuel Tolkien 3 – 1 , Diane Keaton 5 – 1 , Nicolas Cage 7 – 1, David Bowie 8 – 1 , Isaac Newton 14 – 1, Albert Schweizer 14 – 1 , Martin Luther King 15 – 1 , Muhammed Ali 17 – 1 , Al Capone 17 – 1, Oliver Hardy 18 – 1

A birth chart is an astrological character description that gives a picture of your character. You get a description of what the sun affects you. The reason is that in astrology the sun is the most important planet in the formation of a character.

You are a Capricorn if you were born on or between December 22nd and January 19th. These data can shift slightly every year. Your zodiac sign is determined in the year of your birth. So look in the year of your birth when you are not sure. what sunsign you have.

The Latin name for a Capricorn is Capricorne.

Your ascendant is the constellation that rises on the horizon at the exact moment of your birth. Your ascendant has to do with your appearance. In other words, as others see you when you first meet.

You calculate your ascendant by clicking here .

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