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Nov 22 - Dec 21
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Tuesday 21 September 2021
Let everything fall out of your hands today Sagittarius!
You are ready for a real day off. Don't think about it and go outside, regardless of the weather. You need to get some fresh air to clear your mind somewhat. The stress needs to get out of your body.
If you still have time for it this afternoon, you can also do something that takes over your thoughts. You know best what that can be.
One Sagittarius will make jigsaw puzzles, another will play the piano. Embark on an (old) hobby.

Famous Sagittarius:

Charles De Gaulle 22 – 11, Winston Churchill 30 – 11 Woody Allan 1 – 12, Bette Midler 1 – 12 , Pablo Escobar 1 – 12, Gianni Versace 2 – 12 , Jay – Z 4 – 12 , Walt Disney 5 – 12, Jim Morrison 8 – 12 , Greta Quinton 9 – 12, John Kerry 11 – 12, Taylor Swift 13 – 12, David RenĂ© de Rothschild 15 – 12, Beethoven 16 – 12, Christina Aquilera 18 – 12, Brad Pitt 18 – 12 , Steven Spielberg 18 – 12 , ,, Miley Cyrus 18 – 12 , Karim Benzema 19 – 12, Kylian MbappĂ© 20 – 12, Nostradamus 23 – 12 ,

It is easier to describe what Sagittarius is not than what he or she is. He or she is never a wallflower at a party or party. They are there without being overly present.
And what they are?
They have a good sense of humor, sexually interesting and unexpectedly more interested than many others with other zodiac signs. And finally: they don’t lie, they simply don’t always tell you everything.

When is your zodiac sign Sagittarius?

You are a Sagittarius if you are born on or between November 23rd through December 21st. Sometimes that data shifts a bit.
Your zodiac sign is determined in the year of your birth.

The Latin name for a Sagittarius is Sagittarius.

Your ascendant is the constellation that rises on the horizon at the exact moment of your birth. Your ascendant has to do with appearances and your appearance. In other words, as others see you when you first meet.

You calculate your ascendant by clicking here .

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