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Oct 23 - Nov 21
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Tuesday 21 September 2021
Get out of the house today to get some fresh air Scorpio! You are indoors way too much, while you may even think you are not. Outside the stress leaves your body and inside it gets stuck between the walls.
It doesn't matter if the weather is different than expected, but do it anyway. It could be too hot or too cold, it shouldn't bother you.
Once you are outside you will also get some ideas for solving certain problems. The solution comes to you, as it were. Where do you think that expression comes from? Not because you are inside.
So get out of that easy chair!

Known Scorpions:

Frans Liszt 22 – 10, Pele 23 – 10, Hillary Clinton 26 – 10 , Bill Gates 28 – 10 , Christopher Columbus 30 – 10 , John Cleese 27 – 10 , Maradonna 30 – 10 </ a >, Madam e Curie 7 – 11 , Alain Delon 8 – 11 , Mikhail_Kalashnikov 10 – 11 , Leonardo DiCaprio 11 – 11 , Demi Moore 11 – 11 , Neil Young 12 – 11 , Sophie Marceau 17 – 11 , Calvin Klein 19 – 11, Jodi Foster 19 – 11,  Robert Kennedy 20 – 11 , Bo Derek 20 – 11 < / a>, Boris Becker 22 – 11 ,

The human being born in this zodiac sign Scorpio also speaks with his or her eyes. So much so that when they put on sunglasses they seem to have a speech impediment.

Your birth chart is an astrological character description that gives a picture of your personal possibilities and limitations. You get a description of what the sun in particular affects you. That’s because in astrology the sun is the main planet that makes up a character.

You are a Scorpio if you were born on or between October 23 and November 22. That data can sometimes shift back and forth a bit. Your zodiac sign is determined by looking at the date in the year of your birth.

The Latin name for a Scorpio is Scorpio as well.


Your ascendant is the constellation that rises on the horizon at the exact moment of your birth. Your ascendant has to do with appearances and your appearance. In other words, as others see you when you first meet.

You calculate your ascendant by here to click.

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