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Tuesday 21 September 2021
You have a lot of energy today. You have no trouble getting up earlier in the morning. Fortunately, your brain is working great today. That will come in handy.
Keep an eye on your limits, because you tend to go over them. You should not do that.
Listen to your body. That does not lie. Keep a close eye on your health!
Make sure you can't do everything at once. Try to manage your time better.

Famous Taurus:

Koningin Elizabeth II 21 – 4, Jack Nicholson 22 – 4, Yehudi Menuhin 22 – 4, Al Pacino 25 – 4, Johan Cruijff 25 – 4, Shakespeare 26 – 4, Saddam Hussein 28 – 4, Lenin 22 – 4, Shakespeare 26 – 4, Barbara Streisand 24 – 4, Al Pacino 25 – 4, King Willem Alexander 27 – 4, Michelle Pfeifer 29 – 4, David Beckham 2 – 5, Tony Blair 6 – 5, Johannes Brahms 7 – 5, Salvador Dali 11 – 5, Florence Nightingale 12 – 5, Madeleine Albright 15 – 5, Janet Jackson 16 – 5, Koningin Maxima from Holland 17 – 5

Het sterrenbeeld Stier

The always calm Taurus is almost impossible to get angry, but you can hide once it gets that far. The chairs can even fly around in that very chic restaurant.

A birth chart is an astrological description that gives a very nice picture of your character and qualities. Our birth chart gives you a description of what the sun affects you. That is because the sun is the most important planet in astrology.

You are a Taurus if you were born on or between April 21st through May 21st.

This data can sometimes shift back and forth. Your zodiac sign is determined in the year of your birth.

The Latin name for a Taurus is Taurus.

Your ascendant is the constellation that rises on the horizon at the exact moment of your birth. Your ascendant has to do with appearances and your appearance. In other words, as others see you when you first meet.

You calculate your ascendant by clicking here .
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