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What is a birth horoscope?

A birth chart (horoscope) is a mathematical representation of the sun, moon and Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in our solar system at the time of birth.

In order to be able to see, astrologically speaking, the properties and characteristics of the person for whom the birth chart is drawn, in addition to the position of these planets, the position that these planets with respect to each other at the moment of birth is of great importance. Therefore, in order to draw a complete horoscope of someone, in addition to the date of birth, you also need the place of birth and the exact birth time. That’s because the planets move and their relationship to each other is constantly changing. The natal charts of only describe the characteristics that the sun has for someone born under a certain zodiac sign. The reason is that the sun is the main planet on which astrology is based. The characteristics of the sun in a birth chart always come to the fore in everyone.


The influence of the moon and the other eight planets cannot be described here because of the above.
In addition to the date, you also need the place of birth, the birth time and therefore the position of the other planets for a complete birth chart. The latter can be determined with the so-called ephemerides) with which the astrologer can also read the position that these planets relative to each other at the moment of birth.
Ephemerides are tabulated data that indicate the positions of a celestial body for future time points.The positions are calculated in advance each year and given, for example, for the sun, the planets and the moon in the various astronomical almanacs.
Ephemerides are not only used for astrology, but also in astronomy and, for example, also in architecture.

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