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Birth chart Aquarius

Hi Aquarius, your Birth chart Aquarius says you are, together with the Gemini and the Libra, one of the air signs. Outwardly, your self-confidence manifests itself powerfully. Your most striking qualities are your pioneering spirit and your strong analytical and communicative capacities. Only the Gemini and the Libra realise that your self-assurance is predominantly an outward thing. Others tend to find you rather arrogant. You put on this mask. That’s part of who you are. If others are not prepared to look through this mask, you consider this mainly their problem.

Your Birth chart Aquarius says that you hide your insecurity, which is also part of who you are, by throwing up an even higher façade. Behind this front one will find the most warm-hearted and reliable friend imaginable, someone who will hardly ever drop someone. When you do ditch someone, however, something really serious has happened. Reconciliation is then out of the question.

Clear opinions

Your ever present strong and clear opinions have a paralysing effect on your circle of acquaintances. They know you as a conversation partner with a very quick mind, who speaks his mind and who, in so doing, doesn’t always proceed very tactfully.
The Birth chart says furthrmore that only the people you are very well acquainted with, know that you are also the small girl or boy who can enjoy himself with childlike pleasure, who is great fun to be with and who speaks freely, without inhibition. This all makes you less suitable for the service professions. That is because you don’t like others telling you what you should do. And certainly not people who know less and who are less capable and qualified than you.

As an Aquarius, you don’t hold strong negative or positive views about global problems or about the people around you. You gradually develop your own opinions, guided by your ever present analytical way of thinking and your ardent wish to always judge everything en everyone objectively. Other people tend to be more one-sided and therefore seldomly examine matters as objectively as you do.


You therefore actually take action and ask questions about subjects which are too scary for other people to even think about. These people regularly label this behaviour as being coarse. It is not clear to them that your sole intention is to thoroughly figure things out.
You can be very tidy. Everything must be stored exactly in its own place, not a decimetre from its proper position. Which clutter can seriously upset you.


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