Dec 22 - Jan 19
	Zodiac sign Capricorn

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Birth chart Capricorn

The birth chart Capricorn says: In so doing, (s)he sometimes neglects the family and regularly misses out on the pleasant things of life. e (S)he is continually seeking the balance between work, love and relaxation. Discipline and ambition are central themes and key elements in the life of this sunsign. As far back as his/her early youth, when (s)he first goes to school, he/she becomes serious and gets a strong sense of responsibility.

The Capricorn usually does well at school and during further education and therefore often experts in their field.

The birth chart says that he isn’t too fond of too many emotions and will therefore look for a stable en secure relationship with his/her partner. (S)he may, at times, give the impression of being cold and distant, but (s)he is a loyal and trustworthy friend.
It takes years before (s)he realises that there is more to life than work, social status and accumulating possessions. The Capricorn feels somewhat jealous of others who enjoy and have enjoyed life so much more than (s)he does now and did in the past. But the fact that (s)he doesn’t allow him/herself rest and play-time, is a problem. Life always is and remains serious business for the Capricorn.


Remarkably, the birth chart says that (s)he doesn’t mind getting older. A distinction is made here between being old and getting old. (S)he isn’t even bothered by being old, while most people don’t like being old at all. These people will do anything never to get old, e.g. the Leo. Most people want to gét old though.
The second half of the lives is somewhat easier and more relaxed than the first. The need for security and social status, however, never completely leaves them. The Capricorn don’t often ‘bloom’ (again) later in life, at a more advanced age.


The older Capricorn prefers to remain standing firmly on both feet, thereby making his/her life more difficult than strictly necessary. (S)he still doesn’t allow him/herself to enjoy  to the full, begrudges him/herself the pleasures of life and keeps loading more responsibilities on his shoulders than is strictly necessary.


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