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May 21 - June 20
Zodiac sign Gemini

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Birth chart Gemini

The Birth chart of the Gemini says:
Mercury is the planet dominating the constellation of the Gemini. That is why you are someone who is very easy to get in touch with. You have a real talent for speaking, as a matter of fact. You easily express your thoughts and ideas on subjects other people find difficult to put into words, carefully choosing your words and formulating fluent sentences a you go along.

You can be a little moody, however. This often confuses the people around you. Bewildered, they ask themselves whether they are dealing with Gemini 1 or Gemini 2. Sometimes Gemini 1 plays first fiddle. Your quick-witted conversation and courtesy increase your popularity. Everyone around you is delighted with your heart warming friendliness. The next day Gemini number 2 may be present. Then your audience hears a completely different person altogether.

The Birth chart Gemini says furthermore:

Hardly anyone is able to match your degree of kindness. Buying things is often a complicated matter for you, because you are hardly ever negative about anything. You sing the praise of the merchandise to such an extend, that the seller is almost unwilling to part with it. Especially when buying second-hand goods, this is not really a very smart thing to do.
You function perfectly well as a sales representative. You can sell anything extremely well, including yourself. This is because of Mercury, which, as you know, holds a prominent position in your horoscope. Because you are such a marvellously good talker, you can sell almost anything to anyone. Even to those who have no need for it whatsoever. Not knowing your limits and going beyond them may lead to problems in this field. Then selling turns into pushing people into buying things they can’t afford. Simply because they don’t have the money in their pockets. Luckily, most Gemini, however, don’t let things get out of hand to such an extend.
You are an active person. Like a busy bee you buzz around the flowers. You visit every single spot. Before those around you are aware of it, you are busy somewhere else. Talking all the time, of course! You could quite easily earn your money by speaking in public or in a smaller circle. You would be successful. Very successful! Being composed of two different people, is what makes the Gemini person such fun. For the partner, especially, this is a very nice extra, because he or she in fact has two partners instead of one. Your partner doesn’t need to take on someone else. He or she already has two.

The Birth chart Gemini ends with:

You leave nothing unsaid. The moment you hold your tongue about matters you are really concerned about, one can be sure that there is something thoroughly wrong with you. You convince people so easily. They are, again and again, amazed at your verbal powers.


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