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Birth chart Leo

The birth chart Leo says You are a fire sign, ‘Your Royal Highness’, as are the Sagittarius and the Aries.
You can flare up like an uncontrolled fire. But just as quickly, this fire is smothered. You usually get along very well with the water sign Pisces. This sign talks excessively, but the endless stream of words does not drive you crazy. You listen patiently, almost regally. Grandeur and dignity are essential qualities of the Leo. Remarkably, although few Leo believe in astrology, you are certain that you are the king of the signs of the astrological zodiac, an idea the other signs agree with. This is due to the fact that the sun is your dominating planet, because of which you often attract a lot of attention.
Let’s draw the conclusion that you don’t believe in astrology, but that you do like to act as a king. Your partner – every Leo has one, as a matter of fact – let’s you be till you are fed-up with yourself. You then discipline your partner with a growl. A Pisces partner will always extinguish your flames with her water, which makes one wonder who is really in charge in this relationship, the water or the fire. Viewed from the outside, one would say your partner (if it is the same Pisces woman) wears the trousers. But taking stock of the whole picture, it is really you who is in charge in ‘Leo’s Place’.


The birth chart Leo says furthermore that most Leo have beautiful manes, combed back on the side of the head, giving the impression of speed. You are gracious, generous and charming. Furthermore, you are a loyal partner for those who cannot make you jealous. Most partners, however, want to keep at least a little freedom. This implies that, in order to be able to keep this partner, it may be advisable to bridle your possessive nature a bit. Moreover, be careful not to overfeed your partner with your demonstrations of love. Especially if she is not used to this. Be careful not to give to much love. Your feelings of love are always extremely intense. For this reason you express yourself rather aggressively if your love is not answered in the manner you hoped for. You then tend to act instinctively: not letting yourself be guided by your feelings would be far better.
Your birth chart Leo says that you entertain guests in the proper style. Splendidly and generously. Your guests are received as if your house were a palace. You serve them the most beautiful wines and the finest dished. Everything has to be top quality. The same holds true for your clothes. As a real Leo, you will not leave the house unless you are perfectly groomed. Into the outside world where you will spend money again on beautiful objects. Things other Wannahaves have called your attention to. You are one of the greatest gamblers and squanderers of the zodiac and you will give anyone the impression of being well-off.


It may well be that you don’t shun vanity. Who cares! Aren’t you The Lion King, after all?

Or would you sooner be King Leo?


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