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	Zodiac sign Libra

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Birth chart Libra

Hi Libra,
The birth chart Libra says you are do-gooders.
You always fight against injustice. You write to the authorities to let them know that there are things which are no good. The Libra will not buy anything ‘fallen from a truck’, to use a commonplace euphemism. And you will never use such euphemisms themselves. You will not beat about the bush on hearing someone using such an expression as ‘fallen from a truck’ and will ‘bluntly’ say: ‘You mean theft …’. If the Libra sees people doing things which, in hi/herĀ  perception, cannot pass, (s)he will speak to them directly. Improving the world normally begins by improving oneself. But the Libra is a do-gooder by nature and doesn’t need to discipline himself first.

The Libra is not always well-balanced though. The real Libra needs quite a bit of time to achieve the right balance. You swings around the correct equilibrium for a while. Even electronic scales do that, as a matter of fact. So do people who are born under the sign Libra.
This imbalance may, at first sight, give the impression of instability, but it is just the herald of the balance that is soon to follow.
The Libra may, from time to time, lose his balance and then do things contrary to what he normally does. One moment (s)he proceeds very tactfully, the next he may be beside himself with rage.
The birth chart Libra says that the feminine Libra enjoys the company of a Gemini man most of all. Years after the first meeting she may continue to flirt with him.

Libra masculine

The masculine Libra is not the one who captivates, but is usually captivated himself on a regular basis. And he regurlary gets himself into a fix because of this and needs to bend over backward to avoid getting into serious trouble.

In the area of love the Libra is nobody’s fool. The moment (s)he gets the feeling that he is being misused or that he feels that it isn’t leading anywhere, he can quite suddenly decide to pack his bags. He will then retreat quite abruptly.
The birth chart Libra says that neither the man nor the woman is primarily orientated towards sex. They master this ‘game’ as a talented pianist does his instrument. The pure tones only sound when they are supposed to sound. They have exactly the right timbre and blend beautifully into each other. Not a single false note is discernable. The melody is predictable and surprising at the same time. This music makes even somewhat frigid partners swoon and want to hear it again and again. In lovemaking the Libra isn’t a rigid fanatic either. He doesn’t tenaciously hold on to his own ideas, but adjusts himself the moment he realises that his viewpoint was wrong.


Brute tenacity is foreign to his nature. He resembles a diplomat who works very cautiously but nevertheless clearly defines and defends his goals. He readily admits his faults, but not before verifying that it was indeed he himself who actually made mistakes.
One thing and another create a personality who is always courteous and who, with his or her charms, will turn just about everyone’s head.


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