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Birth chart Pisces

The birth chart Pisces of the cheerful Pisces says:
You are, most likely, sensitive, friendly and unfathomable. Like the Cancer and the Scorpio you are a water sign. Your direct surroundings have, therefore, a strong influence on you. You are a very articulate speaker which makes you more than suitable for a job in commerce or public relations. You feel best in these kinds of professions.
You like to be frequently on the road. Behind a desk, at the office, is not your favourite work place. You need a lot of space, in the literal and the figurative sense. If you aren’t given this space, you will grab it. You refuse to commit yourself and prefer to keep your options open. Time and again, you slip, like a bar of soap, from the hands of the one who tries to ‘chain you up’.
You are a friendly person: this can be deducted from the fact that people tend to see you in a positive light. You don’t have outbursts of anger so frequently en vehemently that they make the world shake. Your life is one big play in which you play a major part. You often overdo it as far as your energy is concerned. In fact, you frequently exhaust yourself. This is because of the restlessness which dominates your way of life. It is therefore important to consciously and evenly spread you energy. You have the tendency to regularly draw on your reserves and this is not limited to your energy level.


The birth chart says that you have an interesting sense of humour, your jokes ranging from little, innocent pleasantries to merciless, rock-hard jokes. But even the hard jokes you are able to cloak, because you are a warm-hearted person. You are mild-mannered. Everyone around you feels that well.
Pisces women and men play their cards close to their chests. Their inner selves remain hidden for almost everyone. You strike others as being self-confident. But whenever someone sees your inner self – the very few people you allow ‘inside’ – a much more helpless personality becomes visible. Then you are someone who loves being pampered and taken care of by his or her partner. At the same time, however, at home you want to be the one who is in charge. Even the strongest Scorpio partner gets caught in your snares and will finally give in to the reality that not he of she, but you are the one who is wearing the trousers. Really, you do manage to keep up appearances, you ‘always’ friendly en devoted Pisces.


The birth chart Pisces says that the moment someone has managed to win your hart, he or she is permitted things others aren’t allowed.
Love is more than just physical enjoyment. Sex isn’t the world for you, although you do like it. You attach more importance to feelings. You get along well with the Cancer. With the Cancer there is ‘jubilation between the sheets’. Especially if you are the Pisces woman. Then there are two minds with a single thought. A relationship with a Leo, however, is granted a very long life. But the Sagittarius as a partner, is your master.


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