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Birth chart Sagittarius

The birth chart Sagittarius says:
Your intuition too leads you to where there is entertainment. You are always ready for a party. Usually, you want to be the centre of all the excitement and, as a real Sagittarius, have them all laughing. You are never a wallflower at parties. Sagittarius never are. Very often, a real Sagittarius clowns around and has done so since he was a child.
Your birth chart Sagittarius mentions further that not telling the truth is foreign to your nature. The people around you may think differently about this, but no one will ever catch you lying. At the very most, you just won’t tell everything there is to say, which stimulates those around you to make up their own stories. In these situations, however, you can always refer to the old proverb ‘to measure other people’s corn by one’s own bushel’. You will, for instance, tell that you had a drink with someone. Later, your wife hears that this someone was a woman. You may quarrel with her over this, but in fact you don’t see any harm in this. You never told your wife that the woman in question was your sister.

The Birth chart Sagittarius says furthermore

The people around you find that you act in a rough manner quite often. But your remark was meant to be a compliment! For example, with the greatest of ease you ask someone about his fiftieth birthday when he or she just turned 44. And your question was by no means intended to be cynical. Others find this behaviour thoughtless. You disagree with them, since you had no intention to be inconsiderate. This scenario holds true for both male and female Sagittarius.
The birth chart Sagittarius ssays that the Sagittarius is a fire sign, just as the Aries and the Leo. You can blaze like a fire that flares up brightly and is smothered just as quickly. In plain human language this means that you can become hot tempered and almost just as soon become calm and collected again. And while those around you are regaining their breath after all this tumult, you are already on your way again, happily whistling a tune.
It is better not to tell you any secrets, because you are hardly ever able to keep them.
The arrow in your sign is there, because you always go straight for the goal. Like the arrow out of the well-known bow. You enjoy travelling. It is advisable for your partner to be prepared at all times for a trip, during a week or more, to the other end of the world. Indeed, no one should try to tie you to your desk, your house or your game of chess. That simply doesn’t work for you. Going out, spending money in a way verging on squandering and now and then venturing a small bet. That’s you favourite way of life.
You are an out-and-out optimist.


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