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Birth chart Scorpio

Do you know that the birth chart Scorpio, dear Scorpio, says that when you have sun-glasses on you will develop a speech defect?
This expression is often used by astrologists talking about Scorpio. In so doing, they immediately reveal the most typical feature of the Scorpio. Or rather, they raise a corner of the veil a little, because you don’t easily uncover a Scorpio. It is the Scorpio himself who uncovers the one he has his eye on. On second thought: is this true, though? The Scorpio doesn’t have his eye on someone. The moment the Scorpio is bent on getting someone, he’ll capture him or her and devour every scrap. He is always sexually active and the same holds true for her. ‘Passionate’ best describes the sex life of the Scorpio. This does not imply, though, that he and she easily fall victim to playboys and nymphomaniacs. No, as said before, the Scorpio himself decides who and what, where and when.
The Scorpio needs to totally possess and own a partner, to a much larger extend than the Cancer, also a water sign, does. Not a little bit, not half, but unconditionally and entirely. Women who have fallen in love with a Scorpio man, must resign themselves to this situation. And they must think carefully before starting a relationship with a Scorpio man. He accepts being contradicted for a little while, but he easily and quickly gets fed up with it. A partner must quickly learn to stick to the, or rather hís, rules, because he demands total submission. A remarkable fact is that he then quickly becomes docile and cooperative. This is due to the fact that he does not realize that he behaves in a manner induced by his partner tactfully whispering in his ear. However, the moment you confront him with this knowledge, he will firmly deny it.


The birth chart Scorpio says that at first sight, the Scorpio doesn’t come across as a sensitive person. But those who know him well, know better. He demonstrates his sensitivity in totally different ways than the other water signs – the Cancer and the Pisces. They have a sensitive nature. The Scorpio reacts directly, in a rock-hard manner. Hardly anyone gets a glimb of his emotions which are definitely there. If it gets down to literally fighting the matter out, then it is a question of eye for eye and tooth for tooth. The Scorpio is a very loyal friend who never forgets to bring a present or a small attention. His memory is excellent. Those who ever did him wrong must watch out for the rest of their lives. A Scorpio will destroy him completely. In situations like this he is almost unconquerable and cruel. He definitely believes that he should win. Always. He was born to win.
Your birth chart Scorpio says that the way he brings up his children originates from these characteristics. He is very strict in this field. His children must do exactly what he tells them to do and he leaves them little room for discussion. He is the one who is the boss and no one else. He won’t be told what to do. He is the ‘democrat’ everyone has to vote for because there is no other candidate.


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