Aug 23 - Sep 22
		Zodiac sign Virgo

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Birth chart Virgo

Your birth chart Virgo says that people around you quickly become aware of the fact that you are the ‘caring type’.
That is you all over. It suits the Virgo to look after and take care of the needy. Your enormous sense of duty to help people defines everything you do. It makes no difference to you whether these people need physical or mental help.
You are acutely aware of the important responsibilities life has placed on your shoulders. And you are ready to accept these, although from time to time it is all a bit too much for you. You want to protect people and to solve their problems. Don’t overdo this, though, because your own health will suffer.
The birth chart Virgo says that sometimes you keep rattling on. Jumping from one subject to the next. Most people around you love this, because they are relieved from the responsibility of keeping the conversation going. You’ll do that for them.
This excessive talking may be due to the fact that you believe that people don’t understand you. It may therefore occur that you get involved in conflicts which aren’t really conflicts. You just get the feeling that others don’t interpret your words correctly.


As a Virgo, perseverance is your second nature. This will ultimately yield you more, most probably in a free profession, than a chance hit. Although most Virgo work in de medical care and welfare sector, some Virgo end up in commercial jobs.
The birth chart Virgo says finally that you are highly independent and you have great work ethic. It is therefore not necessary to control or supervise you at work. You like to see your money in your deposit book. Gambling and splashing around money are not your style. You won’t even gamble when everyone around you has a go at it, unless you are absolutely sure that you will always win at least something.
The birth chart Virgo syas that you never hunger after straight sex. Which does not mean that you don’t care for eroticism. But you don’t like purely physical eroticism. The whole setting has to be right for you, otherwise you’d just as well not have sex. It is not your style either to make love between sheets previously used by others. The one who covertly suggests that you should do this, doesn’t understand de Virgo one bit. You don’t like foul or obscene language. You do like to dress elegantly. Your clothes are always carefully selected and well cared for. Your nails won’t always be polished – this is more the style of the flashy Leo and Aquarius women – but they are always carefully manicured. Your partner is absolutely delighted with you.


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