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Jan 20 - feb 18
			Zodiac sign Aquarius

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Saturday 30/10/2021 for the Aquarius

Some major changes could occur in your domestic circumstances. These may be rooted in the tensions at home which are too much for you at the moment. But the source of stress could also be that you are going to move or that you are going to carry out major adjustments to your house.
Do take care not to become involved in any conflicts. Normally, you are rather good at steering clear of these situations, but at the moment it seems as if you are inadvertently drawn to them. As soon as someone irritates you just a little, every single act of this person will make your hair stand on end and you'll tend to immediately react in a biting way.
The advice of the stars is therefore: Count up to ten before you react, before you do anything at all.
Mind your health, don't catch cold going out in all weathers without protection.

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