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Dec 22 - Jan 19
	Zodiac sign Capricorn

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Saturday 25/09/2021 for the Capricorn

If you go out during the evening this week, you'll meet someone with whom you could have a lot of fun. In the beginning, during the first few weeks, the relationship seems to be rather superficial. It'll remain on the surface a bit. This will continue until . But it will be the beginning of a longstanding relationship that has the potential to develop in different ways, ranging from a good acquaintance, a dear friend to a partner for life. Many attractive qualities are united in this person: friendship, sexual attraction, the same interest in and feeling for business affairs and a lot more.
You'll therefore have to go out a couple of times this week and get up from that lazy chair of yours Capricorn! You'll just have to face all weathers. If you let the weather detain you, you'll meet no one and nothing will happen. Even in astrology there is such a thing as free will!

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