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May 21 - Jun 20
Zodiac sign Gemini

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Saturday 25/09/2021 for the Gemini

Be careful in busy traffic this week dear Gemini! Don't deviate from your normal routes and don't swerve away from your usual lifestyle. Changes like these are not advisable this week.
You feel that you have done a really swell job at work. Unfortunately, hardly anyone seems to notice this, let alone appreciate your efforts.
Don't let yourself be thrown off balance by this, because it'll make you the butt of other people's teasing. That's not exactly what you're waiting for this week, dear Gemini, is it? Their joking could even get you really down. Try, therefore, to keep a low profile, to make yourself somewhat invisible. You'll discover soon that it is a question of dark clouds passing over without dropping a singel drop of rain.

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