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May 21 - Jun 20
Zodiac sign Gemini

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Saturday 20/08/2022 for the Gemini

The communication between you and others passes off smoothly this week. When things come to a head, you can always formulate your thoughts very clearly. This week will give you enough opportunities to exercise this skill.
Your work, however, seems to come to a standstill. And this while a large part of your work comprises working with and convincing other people. You don't always sell yourself easily and positively, but things are now going the way you want them to go. The people around you totally agree with you on this. Listen carefully the next few days to what others have to say about you and act accordingly.
In any case, it is good to consult with others this week. You will probably have conflicting opinions. Don't worry about this. The exchange of words takes place in a light atmosphere and you are the one who has the last word. You can bring others into line again.

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