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July 23 - Aug 22
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Saturday 20/08/2022 for the Leo

You'll be very charming and entertaining towards others this week. You're not judgemental and you are more tolerant than ever. If you want to, you can also manipulate people. Be careful not to do this anymore. Experiences in the past have taught you that this can take a wrong turning.
Not everyone understands what you mean when you smile. Some people believe that your smile means much more than 'just a smile'. They believe that you are inviting them to much more than you intend.
This time things will be different. You'll meet a fantastic Gemini, for whom nothing is too much trouble. You'll be invited to a meal. The next day you'll see someone who is the complete opposite of this Gemini and who also attracts your attention.
This is going to be busy week Leo! Don't overdo it!

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