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Sep 23 - Oct 22
	Zodiac sign Libra

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Saturday 25/09/2021 for the Libra

Mind your health this week dear Libra. The stars are expecting a thunderstorm. This often blows over, but it looks as if you are going to find yourself right in the middle of it. You can easily handle a shower and even a downpour. But a thunderstorm is just a bit too much for your body to cope with.
Dress appropriately, according to the weather. You tend to believe that you are able to hold your own against all weather conditions as if you were a dog, without being properly dressed. And you must admit that you don't have the resistance of the average dog.
This week you'll get to digest a large doses of adrenaline due to an attractive person crossing your path. Don't just race to work and back like a madman, because then you're going to miss him or her. It's advisable to look around you well dear Libra!

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