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Saturday 20/08/2022 for the Pisces

This week, don't be cocky by being careful, not forcing you to achieve something you've wanted for a while. You will see that it finally works. Be patient and diplomatic to get the right people you need on your side. You could always do it if it was a potential partner, so it should still be possible now.
You can also make new plans for your next vacation this week. Due to all the blockages of the past year, things are now going better, however strange that may sound. Make use of it.
Your ambitions have clearly changed in recent weeks and you can achieve them. It looks like you are going to make a rigorous change in your holiday destination as a result. Afterwards you are a bit shocked when you start to oversee the consequences. Accept them and you will see that you are very satisfied with them in the end. Your partner, if you have one, is too. That is a nice extra because it means there is no problem.

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