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Saturday 25/09/2021 for the Pisces

You just need to be gregarious this week dear Pisces, you simply crave social contacts. At the same time, though, you are not inclined to speak your mind. You keep your cards close to your chest and are rather inscrutable. This combination may prove to be an obstacle this week, because you'll be trying to get into contact with a group of people who have never enjoyed your confidence before and who are well aware of this.
You'll feel most at ease this week in a large group of people. This will give you plenty of opportunity to talk to many different people without giving each and everyone of them the chance to plumb the depths of you. You'll be talking about absolutely nothing, to be honest. About the weather, about this, that and the other. Usually you're not too keen on this type of superficial conversation. You'll spend a couple of pleasant hours though, conversing in this manner.
And what exactly do we people mean when we use the word 'communication' after all?

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