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Nov 22 - Dec 21
		Zodiac sign sagittarius

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Saturday 20/08/2022 for the Sagittarius

The tenth and the twentyfifth of are lucky days for you dear Sagittarius. These will be favourable days for all sorts of things. If, for instances, you are applying for a job, try to plan your job interview on one of these days.
It may surprise you, but your health is not so bad at the moment. Do try, however, to avoid nervous tensions as much as possible. You don't take quite enough exercise dear Sagittarius and you know it. The only exercise you do take, is pacing up and down nervously. You are unable to sit still this week, not even for a short while. It is most probably this restlessness which makes you eager to take over the job from someone else, a project which would otherwise almost certainly go wrong.

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