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Nov 22 - Dec 21
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Saturday 30/10/2021 for the Sagittarius

This week you'll probably be a little hot-tempered Sagittarius. Eventhough no one within your immediate circle of friends and acquaintances will notice, your blood will boil from time to time.
Continue to count up to ten, even though in the long run this may not always be wise. You must give your anger and other emotions the opportunity to leave your body. If you don't do this, chances are that the emotions will 'revenge' themselves on your body. Then mental discomforts will be transformed into physical ailments.
Go and take a long, brisk walk this week. Don't let the weather - whether or not it's fit for man or beast - detain you. Go out and breathe in the fresh air which is certainly a lot better than the warm air at home.
From everything will start changing for the better and you'll by then have made a good start for handling your stress in a more constructive way.

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