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Nov 22 - Dec 21
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Saturday 25/09/2021 for the Sagittarius

As a proper Sagittarius you wish to talk about a couple of subjects you have been really concerned about during the past few months. The topics that keep you occupied relate to your country and to the world. Your are more than ever truly moved by what is going on and feel a need to hear the meanings of other people about what's happening. Some of these themes are important to them as well. Most people, however, are too busy with their day-to-day affairs and worries and don't seem to care (a lot) about the 'big themes'. You are a voice crying in the wilderness. Don't put too much energy in trying to carry across your message. They just won't be open to it.
Listen to what other people have to say about themselves and their problems. This is important too.
This week, you'll be very sensitive to criticism. Do try listening to others, though, and make good use of their critical notes. This will not be easy, but you won't be the worse for it and you'll certainly succeed. And then you will see that every cloud has a silver lining.

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