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Oct 23 - Nov 21
		zodiac sign Scorpio

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Saturday 30/10/2021 for the Scorpio

This week or the next, dear Scorpio, you'll have to take a few serious decisions which will affect your financial position in a positive way for a long time. Don't wait too long. Don't go on for ever weighing up the pros and cons of these decisions. There are too many things already which you have been putting on one side.
Just go and buy those tickets for that musical performance you have been dreaming about for so long. If you wait even longer while doubting about whether or not to buy these tickets, there won't be any more tickets available and then you'll find that time goes so fast, you can hardly keep pace with it. Moaning afterwards, when it is too late, won't help you. Especially since you're still pulling the strings and therefore able to bend proceedings to your own will. One simple telephone call, a single log-in on the correct site and everything will be settled!
Do take action! You're always busy. You'll never have as much time as you would like.
This week you'll have to admit that there is plenty of time if only you were to think out everything carefully.

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