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Apr 20 - May 20
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Saturday 20/08/2022 for the Taurus

This week you will see an offer on the internet that you do not want to miss. But be careful! It may be too cheap for the item you once had in mind that cost a lot more back then. Therefore, check the webshop before you order and pay. Google to review and complaint sites such as for complaints about the webshop. If you have to transfer money to a foreign account number, you can almost be sure that you are not dealing with a bona fide webshop. Then rather pay with your credit card or PayPal, then you can get your money back if the webshop does not deliver.
When you start using your car again, you have to put Flitsmeister on your mobile phone. It warns you if you unexpectedly drive (just) too fast somewhere, or if you are about to stop in front of a red traffic light. Even a hates these fines.

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