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Aug 23 - Sep 22
		Zodiac sign Virgo

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Saturday 25/09/2021 for the Virgo

Someone plays a joke on you and you are completely hoaxed. This is exceptional. Normally the Virgo is quite alert and quickly know what other people are up to. It looks as if other matters are keeping you occupied.
This week your attention is drawn towards rather thorny problems at work. You know since a long time, don't you dear Virgo, that you should leave these worries behind at the end of a working day and not take your problems home with you. And especially not take your frustrations out on someone who has nothing to do with these matters whatsoever. However, knowing these things is not the same as handling in line with them. Keep your head cool, Virgo, otherwise you'll loose sight of the essence of life. You work in order to be able to live, you don't live to just work, isn't that right Virgo? One of these weeks, an old love will send a message or cross your path somehow or other. This will evoke sweet memories.

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