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Aug 23 - Sep 22
		Zodiac sign Virgo

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Saturday 30/10/2021 for the Virgo

This week it's best to restrict yourself to doing only those things you have a grip on Virgo. During certain weeks you must absolutely avoid all risks and this is one of those weeks. Avoid gambling in any form and don't throw away your old shoes before you have acquired new ones.
If you follow this advice, you'll have an enjoyable week. If you turn a deaf ear to this advice, you'll have a difficult week, including wrong purchases and wasted money. That's not really what you want, is it Virgo?
This week you're able to hold a mirror up to other people's faces in such a way that they're open to it. You show them what they are doing wrong, directly and clearly, without putting them off. In so doing, you are helping them to see things clearly for themselves.
Maybe you should also take a look at yourself in the mirror, this week. Then you'll see all those Virgo virtues and vices you know all too well.

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