Wheeling systems in a lottery

Winning in a lottery

Wheeling systems in a lottery (e.g. Euromillions) increase the chances of winning.
If you want to have the certainty of always winning in a lottery, you have to complete tens of millions of rows. That is completely impossible.

Non-system players can fill in fewer rows with random numbers or systematically fill in the rows with a limited number of numbers. Many use the ages of a partner and children or the dates of birthdays etc.
A completely different method is the use of Lotto Wheeling systems.

Lotto Wheeling systems

You can play with Lotto Wheeling systems in a lotto (e.g. in Euromillions) and choose 7 to 25 numbers and fill in a limited (5-300) rows in such a way that – if the winning numbers fall within those 7 to 25 numbers – there will absolutely be one or more rows. with 3, 4, or even 5 correct numbers.
The system is called “lotto wheeling systems”.

The extra numbers or a reserve number etc. are not included in the wheeling system game.
Below you will find an example of a wheeling system with the chosen numbers 1 – x, where x is the number of numbers you could play with.

This system applies to a Lotto with 50 numbers, where you can enter 5 numbers per row, such as in Euromillions.

The example is a Lotto Wheeling systems with 11 self-selected numbers with the numbers 1 – 11.
This wheeling system states that if the winning numbers fall within the 11 chosen numbers with a lotto of 50 numbers, a row with 3 correct numbers will be ther.

Of course you can also play with numbers other than 1 – 11 and in the example you have to change the numbers in all rows consistently.
In other words if you don’t want the number 1, you have to change the “1” in all rows to the number of your choice.


You must fill in the 5 rows (tickets) with the 11 numbers (1-11) as follows:

Euromillions 5-50

If the winning numbers also fall within the 11 chosen numbers (in this case 1-11), there is this result:

Euromillions 5-50 result

Test this wheeling by picking 5 other winning numbers between 1 and 11.

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Good Luck!

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